The Khemetyu That Evolved

  • Anpu Htp
  • 09-21-2021 17:39:40

The name of the evolved pyramid is known as the "Dyson Sphere". The pyramid was known as the resurrection chamber. After our mothers and fathers ascended to the celestials again, they took their technology and now use them as outer space resurrection chambers.

In the beginning of what we know as the "science of understanding of everlasting life", we know that the Khemetyu created a symbol of a supposed tool that they used to give everlasting life known as an ankh.


This Ankh was shown giving a vibration to other pharaohs and people, they call it "the breath of life". When we speak about the breath of life, we must talk about the understanding that was laid out in books explaining the electromagnetic origins of these tools. 

The Ankh was super powered and modified into a full resurrection chamber known as a pyramid to todays scientist. During the time of the pyramid resurrections Imhotep was known as the person in charge of them at the very least. 


Imhotep's father is known as Ptah and Ptah was said to be a high priest. High priest's at this time were the ones dealing in electricity. It is important to note that Imhotep was made fun of in todays modern world and spoken of as a mythological character of Egypt. One day his inscription was found on a pyramid as one in charge of the building of the structure and later statues of the young man were confirmed. 

Pyramid resurrection chambers were also used as electrical power sources and also used to create hydrogen. There was no soot found in the pyramids. In the deep dark places, where no light was possible, something had to be able to create light in these rooms. 

During the time of the Hyksos in the 17th century, foreign G9ds were brought into Egypt and transformed the Ogdoad as we know it. 

During the end of the 17th dynasty a group of warriors rose from the Sudanese area, conquering the Hyksos and taking the land back, ushering the kingdom into the 18th dynasty, bringing our ancestors back to power. 

In the reign of Thutmose, the Khemetyu rediscovered the power of lapis lazuli and begin to study the smallest particles of the world and discovered again how to reverse life. Thus the new Ankh was born and with the ongoing technology and understanding of what was to become, Thutmose predicted that they needed roughly 100 more years to finish the task and become able to turn the body into light and travel the celestial nile like king Kufu once did. 

This plan was stuck to until the completion. Some people didn't believe that the pharaoh was close to this type of technology and they believed that the Hyko's G9ds were much better and more realistic than the understanding of the 18th dynasties new found technology. Akhenaten came to power with and was raised in the ways of his great grandfather and decided to break away from the mainstream hold that circulated in the city. He moved to the middle of the desert and started building the final laboratory.   

After the city of Amarna was established, it is said that Akhenaten took 144,000 people to a huge square slab and they all ascended to heaven. The people of the outer cites saw a big light in the sky on "the night of the hottest day of the year". They came to the city to find only a few people left in the city with king Akhenaten, his soldiers and his family missing. They immediately grabbed a man and his crippled child killing the father, mummifying him and burying him as a royal king. They then brought the kid to the main city and announced him as the new ruler of the land, as Akhenaten's lost child. Once rulership was established they killed Tut and gave him a royal burial, ushering in the 19th dynasty. The return of the Hyksos.

Akhenaten's family now lives amongst the stars in an immortal form and have been witnessed in the bible as Ezekiel's wheel, also as orbs in the sky today. It is now noted in todays world that Ufos are interested in everything nuclear watching the earth's growth. They check all upgraded military equipment regularly and are often spotted over nuclear facilities.