Khemetic Nation Tribal Cards

  • Hadisur Rahman
  • 10-03-2020 07:20:56

Khemetic Nation has designed and started distributing tribal membership cards known as "KTM bloodline Ids" for all Khemetic members that wish to get full access to tribal services.
The services that Khemetic Nation currently offers is free credit repair, spiritual consultation, secondary phone lines and business consultation.

If you are looking to buy your first home or open your own business, Khemetic Nation provides you with all of the tools to do so successfully.

Membership cards allow all Khemites to finally recieve all of the access of the modern world without risk of bad dealings or criticisms that come with being a different people.

"Bloodline cards" will automatically be issued to all currently active bloodline Khemetic members. If you have yet to fill out your application or need to file for a lost or stolen card please visit the link

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  • Absolutely Magnificent Service, Well Needed

  • Good work young scholar

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