End of the Year Project

  • Sage of Nephthys
  • 07-09-2022 20:03:34

Yes, the school year has finally ended. But that did not come with the complications of figuring out what to do virtually with the students on the last day of school. I did lots of research and came upon a very interesting painting project that I thought the kids would love. I Originally found this End of the Year Project from Teachjunkie.com. Although there were many beautiful pictures to look through, I had no idea about where to start. So, I had to go through Pinterest and locate the original article which was in another language. I reprinted the instructions in English and am sharing it with you today. 

These took us a week to complete, and it was hot outside which did help to speed up the drying process. It was SUPER EASY, and all the kids LOVED it. I decided to have a completion and pick a painting that we will use for our school agendas for the 22/23 school year. Honestly it has been hard to decide which one to use because they are all so wonderful!