Maat University Open Now! K-5 Enrollment Open Now!

  • Hadisur Rahman
  • 10-20-2020 05:10:51

Khemetic Nations Official School

(Maat University)

In a time of mass school shootings, child kidnapping, racism and crowded school systems not focusing on your child's future, comes a desperate need for change of environment and stress relief. 

Maat University is answering the call for all Khemetic children and parents that are worried about the major problems of the community. 

Maat University is rolling out an online school that will start with children from kindergarten to 5th grade, with plans on eventually becoming a full k -12 organization that offer high grade, quality curriculum that will surpass modern public school designs that teach history and social studies for people that are not Khemetic and have no need for these subjects

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