Maat University, bringing in 20 investors!

  • Anpu Htp
  • 10-24-2020 01:30:53

Maat University, bringing in 20 investors! For The University Of Maat K-5


Maat University is bringing in 20 investors to start their first digital expansion. This is the first official Khemetic Nation opportunity to partner with Maat University!

Maat University is now taking twenty people that are ready to become one with the Nation and grow with the development!


With over 1000 shares on facebook in just 3 weeks, the University of Maat is set to have an amazing launch. Students are pouring in daily, stats are available to serious investors only.


Maat K12 is the first Khemetic K-5 virtual school in the world since Ancient Khem. the University of Maat provides the ultimate package for teachers to collaborate and create the ultimate online school experience for every student.

Do not miss this opportunity, message us now! Or call the Khemetic Nation
at 1-310 994 4873 ext 4

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