16 Proverbs from The Book Of Maat

  • Anpu Htp
  • 07-12-2022 01:52:15

  1. Beautiful discourse is rarer than emerald, yet it can be found among the servant girls at the grindstones. [Ptah-Hotep] 

  2. Declare your line of conduct without reticence. [Ptah-Hotep] 

  3. Do not weaken the attention of him who is occupied. [Ptah-Hotep] 

  4. Error carries away the unteachable. [Ptah-Hotep] 

  5. Evil words fill some with astonishment. [Ptah-Hotep] 

  6. Great God is the ruler of all the gods. [Papyrus of Ani] 

  7. If you are a leader of peace, listen to the discourse of the petitioner. Be not abrupt with him; that would trouble him. [Ptah-Hotep] 

  8. If you are wise, look after your house; love your wife without alloy. [Ptah-Hotep] 

  9. It is a wretched thing to injure a poor man. 

  10. The man who has plenty of means of existence, conducts himself pretty much as he himself wishes. [Ptah-Hotep] 

  11. Know those who are faithful to you when you are in low estate. [Ptah-Hotep] 

  12. Learn to rise out of the enigmatic egg in the hidden land. [Papyrus of Ani]

  13. Listen with kindness for a clear explanation. [Ptah-Hotep] 

  14. May no lies be spoken against me in the presence of God. [Papyrus of Ani] 

  15. My KA dwells in my body. Insult it not. [Papyrus of Ani] 

  16. Kha (Khat) - The physical body that may decompose.