Company Mission statement

Company Mission statement

                                MISSION STATEMENT

Maat University’s mission is to establish and maintain a place for the worship of the one true God; to provide for Khemetic fellowship for those of like precious faith, irrespective of social position or worldly possessions and for the propagation of the Gospel of Amen both in home and foreign lands.

Our purpose is to establish a Khemetic temple within the law of The Book of Maat and with missionary, literature, educational and all other departments we may deem useful to propagate and practice the full Gospel of the Asar and for its service to the community.

                                         WHERE WE CAME FROM

Maat University began in 2015, when several families decided to form an online Khemetic community and build a plan to open a building. The group began worshipping with the Church via Skype.

Reverend Anpu Hotep led a congregation of 48 individuals at that time, and now he leads approximately 223 individuals who call Maat University their church home.

Many have said that when they called into a Sunday evening service, they felt a sense of belonging or hospitality that differed from what they had experienced in the past. As a result, the congregation and ministries of Maat University began to grow and draw in people from different areas. It wasn’t long before the church had outgrown Skype and began to move the community to Discord to house the expanding congregation.

We as a church, are proud and humbled by what God is doing within us and are looking forward to seeing what God has in store for us as a church community in the years to come!


                                        WHERE WE'RE HEADED

Our vision will be evidenced by the people of Maat University doing the following:

WORSHIP - Attending Sunday evening services regularly

GROUPS - Participating in the life of a community group

SERVICE - Serving in some aspect of ministry or mission

OUTREACH - Connecting with unchurched, unsaved people in our community, and directly contributing to at least one person coming to Christ

GIVING - Financially committing to the ministry and mission of Maat University

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