What Is a Super App?

  • Anpu Htp
  • 07-18-2021 23:40:11

The top "Super Apps" are emerging throughout Asia and Europe. Google has stated that a super app is described as a single Super App that has an umbrella of different services/Apps within. A portal to the internet for a mobile-first generation. So far America has not built a super app that has caught the attention of the people. Below you will find the top super apps that are making a breakthrough in this internet world of clutter:

1: WeChat

2: Grab 

3: GoJek 

4: Alipay

5: Zalo

6: Black TradeLines

Would you like to know more about what a super app entails? Watch the video and comment below. Has any app reached the level to be called a "Super App" in America? 

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