Land of the Long White Cloud

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The island country of New Zealand is around 1800 miles away from Australia.

Home to the indigenous Māori people who are linked to the Tahitians. With

European contact in the 17th century, The first European to arrive in New

Zealand was Abel Tasman in 1642. The name New Zealand comes from the

Dutch ‘Nieuw Zeeland’, the name first given by a Dutch mapmaker. The


indigenous call the island Aotearoa which translates to " land of the long white


On December 13th , 1642 there was a Dutch survey expedition comprised of two

ships named "Heemskerck & Zeehaen" led by a European named Abel Tasman

encountered in the South Pacific region , which Tasman described as "a large

land uplifted high." This land he called "Staten Landt" or State Land, as he was

describing the south island of New Zealand and the uplifted high land consisting

of the Southern Alps. The origin of the Polynesian originated on the Chinese

mainland and the islands of Taiwan, Indonesia, Malaysia, and the Phillipines.

Oceania was the last major region on the Earth to be permanently inhabited by

humans and Polynesia was the last region to be inhabited. With the constructs of

the outrigger canoe , aided by tides and wind patterns there was an expansion in

sailing and migration along the South Pacific and Malay Archipelago beginning

3000 B.C. and reaching the Western Polynesian island around 900 B.C. The

Natives of the land referred to the clans or the people as “Iwi”. The indigenous

people or iwi are the :

Ngapuhi , Ngati Porou , Ngai Tahu and the Waikato

Around the year 1807 the indigenous people of the islands were introduced

to higher technology of weaponry as the Europeans traded for muskets.

The iwi of the island called the weapons “ ngutu pārera”.

The intertribal warfare of the past was brought to current times as revenge

in the history of the islanders. Many people were killed as the rest were

taken as captives in slavery on the islands. Many people were removed as

the musket weapons also changed native territory boundaries for more

powerful clans. From the year 1807 running into the year 1842 warfare

sparked because of the long deep tension between Ngāpuhi and Ngāti

Whātua who were in the north. The Musket Wars was island wide as all

clans searched for arms. The heaviest of the feuding was on the southern

region of the island with the Ngāti Toa and Ngāi Tahu. Māori had always

fought rival kin groups. Warfare was both ‘an integral part of the Maori

political system’ and a ‘legitimate cultural response to offences or crimes

of any kind’. Conflict increased as the population grew. Resources were

depleted and insults demanding a response multiplied. Wars were fought

in the fall after food for winter had been stored – using hand-to-hand


Meri Te Tai Mangakāhia, born 5-22-1868 , was an indigenous Maori woman who

became an activist for women's suffrage in New Zealand , also the first woman to

address the Kotahitanga Parliament Assembly as she first submitted motion in favor

of women's rights to vote

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