Mexico president says meeting with Biden amicable, positive

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  • 03-02-2021 16:41:40

MEXICO CITY (AP) — Mexico President Andrés Manuel López Obrador said Tuesday that he had no distinctions with U.S. President Joe Biden in their first two-sided meeting a day sooner and that his American partner was available to investigating his recommendations on an impermanent laborer program and assisting Mexico with acquiring immunization. 

López Obrador described the gathering as "well disposed, aware and with a great deal of accentuation on participation for improvement." He said he didn't leave away with an arrangement for the U.S. to assist Mexico with getting COVID-19 immunization, however said he wasn't denied by the same token. 

"Groups from the two nations will investigate all opportunities for collaboration here" to see "what is conceivable and when," López Obrador said. 

In front of the gathering, White House authorities emphasized that Biden stayed zeroed in on first inoculating U.S. residents prior to directing his concentration toward helping different countries. López Obrador recognized Biden may need to initially inoculate a large portion of the U.S. populace, however said there was a receptiveness to the subject. 

There were inquiries in front of the gathering about how the two chiefs would get along. López Obrador had a shockingly warm relationship with previous President Donald Trump that spun only around Mexico's endeavors to prevent transients from arriving at the U.S. line. 

In any case, López Obrador said Tuesday there was a ton of chuckling in the one hour and 15-minute discussion with Biden that covered virtually the entirety of the fundamental issues in the two-sided relationship. 

"There were no distinctions, I'm advising you completely, not a solitary one," López Obrador said. 

On migration, López Obrador said he proposed the U.S. dissect the number of laborers its economy requires and afterward plan an arrangement for transitory specialist visas that would permit Mexicans and Central Americans to move legitimately for work. "Also, it will be considered," he said. Prior to the gathering, López Obrador has skimmed a size of 600,000 to 800,000 Mexican and Central American laborers yearly. 

It very well may be displayed on the first Bracero program, which permitted Mexicans to work briefly in the United States to fill work deficiencies during World War II and for years and years after the war. 

Biden and López Obrador have both focused on the significance of creating northern Central America and southern Mexico to address movement. The Mexican president said Biden rehashed his proposition to designate $4 billion for that reason in the locale. 

"We perceive that is a decent move to have taken this choice," he said.

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